Car Washing Shampoo

Car Washing Shampoo

  • S-101A (Green Forest) Foam Shampoo

    S-102A (Smurf) Gloss Shampoo

    S-103A (Violet) Pre-Wash Shampoo

    S-104A (Yellow Rose) SiO₂ Coating Shampoo

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  • According to the different ratios, put the wash shampoo into the counting cup, then pour into the foam lance, bucket or other containers.     

  • Rinse the car paint surface with clean water          

  • Spray the blended washing shampoo evenly on the car paint surface     

  • Repeated wipe with car washing tools           

  • Rinse the remained washing shampoo with clean wate

  • Dry the whole car with a water-collecting towel 


  • Use under normal temperature of automobile surface and in sunshade    

  • Normally use according to the parameters of ratios. If better effect is needed, the stock liquid can be added freely.       

  • Keep out of the reaching of children to prevent swallowing. If it enters the eyes carelessly, rinse it with clean water immediately. If there is still discomfort, consult a doctor for treatment.

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