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SCARCITY (SC) is a brand with both youth and history. In 1965 young Yamaba Maxio with his father in Kobe (Japan) formally engaged in polishing grinding materials research and development 

production. After decades Yamaba has developed nearly 100 kinds of high-end grinding materials for various uses and various cleaning and maintenance products. We imported Japanese raw materials and technologies, and through continuous accumulation and innovation, SCARCITY launched in 2013, which is widely recognized by professional users and Audi, BWM authorized SCARCITY as their car care brand for their news conference. In 2017 China's domestic professional automotive beauty contest AEA, SCARCITY polish compound amazed everyone and fast entered the top detailing workshops, and SCARCITY is a standard and must for them now.

Each product we develop is for safety, eco-friendly, serving the professional construction shops. All goods are not batch production, we pursue more quality, not quantity. We constantly update and test the product, to ensure that we can bring you to the most advanced technology and safe products.

Thanks your trust, we are proud of your choosing SCARCITY. We 

are always serving for minority but professional.


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Companyname:Shandong Noble Industries Co., Ltd.

Contact:Shandong Noble Industries Co., Ltd.

Tel:+86 533 2180081

Mobile:+86 13181927091

Address:No. 137, Meishi Street, Zhangdian District, Zibo, Shandong, China (Mainland)

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